Ethiopia Uraga
Flavor notes of peach preserves, sweet tea, raspberry, and birthday cake displayed on side of 12oz retail bag of Uraga coffee from Ethiopia roasted by Kuma Coffee
12 oz retail bag of Uraga washed coffee from Guji Zone, Ethiopia, grown at 1700 meters, washed processed coffee with heirloom varietals roasted by Kuma Coffee in Seattle, WA
2.5 lbs bulk bag of Uraga, Ethiopian coffee, roasted by Kuma Coffee
5 lbs bulk bag of Uraga, Ethiopian coffee, roasted by Kuma Coffee

Ethiopia Uraga

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Introducing our first fresh crop Ethiopian Coffee for the 2020 season! 

Sweet and delicate notes of peach preserves and sweet tea dominate this cup making it perfect for summer drinking. A cake batter richness and ripe raspberry acidity makes this cup something to celebrate!

This remarkable coffee is grown in some of the steepest elevations throughout the Guji Zone. 1100 small producers, yielding between 700kg to 3000kg of ripe coffee cherries each, grow their coffees at 1700 meters above sea level. The incredible topography of the region allows coffee cherries to develop a deep and dynamic sweetness. Amongst the coffee shrubs, these small producers also grow beans, lentils, bananas, wheat, soybeans and more, along with various types of trees, such as Kobo and Birbira trees, to provide shade and protection for the coffee shrubs. Once picked, ripe coffee cherries are brought to be processed and evaluated at the Bisrat washing station where the


Region:              Guji Zone

Varietal:             Heirloom

Elevation:          1700 Meters

Farmer:              1100 small producers 

Process:            Washed

Notes:                Peach Preserves, Sweet Tea, Raspberry,
                           Birthday Cake

Harvest:             October-December 2019

Contents:          12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee

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