French Press

Hand drawn illustration of a bear paw reaching for coffee brewed in a french press

illustrations by Miah Brown 

French Press is a great way to make a lot of coffee at once very easily.
Most kitchens at least have a french press... some of us even use one when camping.

Kuma Coffee of Choice Tools needed to brew coffee in a french press, scale, coffee, spoon for stirring and french press

We suggest something balanced and sweet. 
Our Central and South American coffees
will provide just that.

Tools You’ll Need

- Coarsely ground coffee
- Scale
- Spoon
- Kettle


1. Place your 4-cup french press onto a scale and tare it to zero. woman's hand string blooming coffee in a French Press

2. Weigh out coarsely ground coffee to 38g.

3. Start the timer and pour hot water to 100g.

4. Wait till 1:00 minute and stir.

5. Pour to 600g and place plunger just over the grounds.

6. Plunge gently at 4:00 minutes.

7. Viola 

Brew Ratio’s for Other Sizes:

3 cup french press use 22g of coffee: 350g of water

8 cup french press use 53g of coffee:  850g of water

12 cup french press use 88g of coffee: 1,400g of water

   French Press filled with water and coffee brewing    woman plunging a french press to complete the brewing process