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Flavor notes of Key Lime, Raspberry, Nectarine and Pino Gris displayed on side of 12oz retail bag of Wachuri coffee from Kenya roasted by Kuma Coffee
12 oz retail bag of Wachuri washed coffee from Nyeri, Kenya, grown at 1450-1700 meters, washed processed coffee with SL 28, SL 34 and Ruiru 11 varietals roasted by Kuma Coffee in Seattle, WA
2.5lbs bulk bag of Wachuri fresh crop Kenyan Coffee, roasted by Kuma Coffee
5 lbs bulk bag of Wachuri, Kenyan coffee, roasted by Kuma Coffee

Kenya Wachuri *NEW*

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Introducing the standout Kenyan coffee of the summer, the Wachuri.  

This microlot of Kenya Wachuri AB pops with sweet acidity of key lime and nectarine. It features classic berry notes present in many Kenyan coffees, with big aromatics of raspberry and a crisp finish of Pinot Gris to round out the cup. 

This coffee hails from Nyeri, the most prized region in Kenya. The volcanic soil from Mt. Kenya is ideal for growing top quality and vibrant coffees, while the high altitude and cool climate allows for the development of a deep fruited sweetness. This coffee was produced by the 900 member Wachuri Farmers Cooperative Society Limited which operates on just under 260 acres. Once coffees are harvested at peak ripeness, the coffee is processed at the Wachuri Factory wet mill and dry milled at the Sagana Coffee Mills. 

Region:             Nyeri 

Varietals:          SL28, SL 34, Ruiru 11

Elevation:         1450 - 1700 Meters 

Farmer:             Small Farmholders 

Process:            Washed

Notes:               Key Lime, Raspberry, Nectarine, Pino Gris

Harvest:            January 2020

Bag:                  12oz whole bean coffee

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