Kuma Coffee in purple text on 12oz retail bag containing Gatuya, fresh crop washed coffee from Kenya
Flavor notes of black tea, stewed fruits, bubble gum and vanilla ice cream displayed on side of 12oz retail bag of Gatuya coffee from Kenya roasted by Kuma Coffee
12 oz retail bag of Gatuya washed coffee from Murang’a, Kenya, grown at 1800 meters, washed processed coffee with varietals SL 28 and SL 34 roasted by Kuma Coffee in Seattle, WA
2.5lbs bulk bag of Gatuya fresh crop Kenyan Coffee, roasted by Kuma Coffee
5 lbs bulk bag of Gatuya, Kenyan coffee, roasted by Kuma Coffee

Kenya Gatuya

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We are stoked to announce our first Kenyan of the 2020 harvest season! The most recent harvest in Kenya yielded exceptional coffees. We worked with Bend Coffee to secure our Kenyan coffees this year from Dorman’s. After 5 days and cupping through hundreds of coffees, we selected the 6 top lots to offer our customers. 

Our first release for the 2020 harvest season in Kenya is the Gatuya AB. This coffee is produced by around 3,500 small landholders, owning about 1/5 to a 1/3 of a hectare each and is grown in the rich volcanic soil of Murang'a, just south of the popular growing region of Nyeri. These small producers bring their ripe cherries to the Gatuya Coffee Factory, a wet mill where the cherries are processed.

Gatuya offers a traditional Kenyan profile of stewed fruits and is balanced with notes of black tea. This coffee really stands out for it's fruity bubble gum sweetness with rich vanilla anchoring notes. We are loving the Gatuya, but it marks only the beginning of many more delicious fresh crop Kenyans to come! 


Region:             Murang'a 

Varietals:          SL 28, SL 34

Elevation:         1800 Meters

Farmer:             New Murarandia Farmers Cooperative Society
Process:           Washed 
Notes:               Black Tea, Stewed Fruits, Bubble Gum, Vanilla Ice Cream
Harvest:            January 2020
Bag:                   12oz whole bean coffee

To learn more about our sourcing, check out our sourcing page

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