Honduras Las Flores *Limited*
Honduras Las Flores *Limited*
Honduras Las Flores *Limited*

Honduras Las Flores *Limited*

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 At 22 years old, farm owner Denilson Madrid might be the youngest farmer we've purchased from, and holy moly what a coffee he has grown. Learning from the generations of coffee farmers before him, including his uncle Jose Esteban Madrid, Denilson has grown an excellent crop. Even at this young age, he's future minded and investing in his farm and future by attending university studying agribusiness. This is our first year purchasing coffee from him, I'd expect to see it many times again in future years. The farm is Las Flores, 6 hectares with only 4.5 of them for coffee plants. During harvest, ripe cherries are depulped onsite, fermented 16-25 hrs, triple washed and dried under cloches for 15 days. 

This coffee hits tropical and sweet cream, think Papaya and Heavy Cream. Cherry Cola tones shine through too. We say it time and again, these are the finest Honduran coffee lots and we couldn't love them more. 

*This is a limited lot, please enjoy it while it's here

Region:             Santa Barbara

Varietal:            Bourbon, Catui, Pacas

Elevation:         1670 Meters

Farmer:             Denilson Madrid

Notes:               Papaya, Cherry Cola, Marshmallow   

Harvest:            June 2021

Contents:          12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee

Roast Level:      Medium-Light


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