Rwanda Dukunde Kawa *NEW*



We haven't had a Rwandan coffee on our menu in years, and that's because we haven't come across any that stopped us in our tracks.  Until now. This fresh arrival is delight in liquid form. This coffee has an earthy depth, inherent to many Rwandan coffees, that comes across as piquant Rooibos tea. This plays well with an intense maple syrup sweetness. And a distinct note of apricot rounds out the flavor profile for this unique offering in our current lineup. 

This lot is a blend of harvests from small producers located around the Mbilima processing Mill, 70 km northwest of the Rwandan capital of Kigali. The mill, and the farmers that bring cherry for processing, are part of the Dukunde Kawa Cooperative. This coop now owns multiple mills throughout the Northern part of the country. The Dukunde Kawa Cooperative has made significant strides since it began in 2000. Along with investing in health care for its workforce made up of more than 80% women, the cooperative focuses on reinvesting to improve quality and minimize climate change. The cooperative even purchased livestock to supplement farmers incomes during the off season.

These initiatives and dedication to growing quality coffee has allowed for coffees from the Dukunde Kawa Cooperative to consistently place well in Cup Of Excellence auction each year and more importantly, has increased income for farmers. 

We purchased this coffee through Royal Coffee Importers. Royal is committed to purchasing quality coffee at fair prices and offers educational opportunities to improve the industry overall. 

Region:      Musasa, Gakenke District, Rwanda 

Varietal:     Bourbon

Elevation:  1500-2000 MSL

Farmer:      Dukunde Kawa Cooperative

Process:    Washed

Notes:        Maple Syrup, Rooibos, Apricot

Harvest:     June 2019

Contents:   12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee



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