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Colombia Samaniego

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High up the mountains Northeast of Pasto sits the municipality of Samaniego. Our last Colombian coffee from Jose Toro was a single lot standout from the municipality, this small producer blend is a very close second. Sometimes we will score cups high only to find that they are a blend of a small selection of producers from a particular municipality. The blending of their crops can create a situation where to whole is greater than the sum of it's parts.

Light apple acidity plays against a chorus of walnut, brown sugar and heavy cream. Easy sipping in troubled times, this coffee will help make your day a little bit better. 


Region:              Nariño

Varietal:             Castillo Caturra, Colombia

Elevation:          1700-1900 Meters

Farmer:             Samaniego Municipality

Process:           Washed

Notes:               Pink Lady Apple, Walnut, Brown Sugar, Heavy Cream

Harvest:            July 2019

Contents:          12oz/340g bag of Whole Bean Coffee


About sourcing in Colombia: 

The vibrancy and variety of flavor profiles in Colombian coffee is unparalleled, and it keeps us excited to return each year. 

We have been sourcing coffees directly from Colombia for the past 5 years, primarily from the regions of Nariño, Tolima, Huila and Antioquia. These sourcing efforts have been facilitated by the work of Azahar Coffee. The Azahar team combs through hundreds of microlots from all coffee-growing regions of Colombia at the municipality level. They sort the lots for cup quality, moisture content and water activity, seeking the perfect match of quality and stability. After this is where our work begins. We travel from our roastery in Seattle down to Azahar's cupping lab in Colombia to begin cupping through these top select lots. We usually spend 2-3 days cupping amongst tables of these excellent coffees, selecting what we think are the top 5-6 coffees. 

From there we head out into the field, flying into Pasto and driving high up into the mountains of Nariño, to visit the farms where these coffees are grown. We meet the farmers who grow these microlots, meet their families, spend the day touring their farms with them, eating with them. In addition to making this connection, we pay them a premium for their crop. This past harvest we paid an average of $3.54/lb FOB. For context, the global coffee commodity market is $1, and Fair Trade is set between $1.20-1.50/lb. 

We aren't doing charity work by paying this much. The coffees we purchase are amongst the best microlots in all of Colombia, the farmers deserve this premium. They work hard and smart and produce an excellent product in their green coffee. We often purchase a farmer's entire crop for the season, and we don't do so lightly. It is our honor to pay them for it, and then to roast it for you.  



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