Ethiopia Hambela Natural


  We are excited to offer this juicy naturally processed heirloom coffee from the Hambela Estate. This 200 hectare farm is owned and operated by METAD in the Guji Zone of Ethiopia’s Oromia Region. They are a third generation family business, is currently managed by Aman Adinew and includes a washing station and dry mill. The Hambela Estate began when the land was given to the first female African pilot after WWII. METAD continues the tradition of supporting and encouraging gender equality by operating with a staff that is more than 70% female and partnering with Grounds for Health in Ethiopia to provide cervical cancer screenings to women within the coffee community.

You can feel good enjoying this dynamic coffee. It tastes like pineapple and cantaloupe with an intense nougat sweetness and complex honeysuckle throughout.

Region:       Guji, Oromia

Varietal:      Grade 1 Heirloom

Elevation:   1900-2200 Meters

Farmer:       Hambela Estate

Process:      Natural

Notes:         Pineapple, Nougat, Cantaloupe, Honeysuckle

Harvest:      January 2019

Contents:   12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee

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